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Spence Investments LLC is a premiere real estate investments firm serving Houston, TX. Whether you are just getting started in real estate investing, or you are a seasoned investor looking for new opportunities, we are excited to find and purchase properties that are a perfect match for our client’s investment goals.

Many of American’s greatest fortunes have been built through careful real estate investments. While we cannot guarantee your success, we can help you attain your dreams by teaching you the strategies and methods that lead you toward reaching your goals. We offer multi-family properties, single-family homes, and even land development deals that meet the needs of your growing portfolio.

Like most investment opportunities, real estate investments come with periods of highs and lows. When purchases are made with the proper knowledge of fair value, and managed properly over time, real estate has the power to outperform all other investment opportunities. Depending on the level of activity you are willing to exercise, we help find you returns that run from moderate to very high. The amount of risk depends only on the size of the challenge you are willing to take on, and your success at managing the asset.

Our team is able to find properties that have good outcomes for any portfolio. Because we too are owners and investors, we can properly analyze, critique, and show you the realistic upside to a property and uncover the best deals for your investment needs and goals.

At Spence Investments LLC, it all starts when you feel ready. Schedule a consultation to learn more about our available real estate investments!

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